Prisoners-Bikers & Bar Tour 2015

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We are a christian rock station, from Southern Iowa. A one man operation if you will. We also have special programming featuring a classic rock program, various message from pastors and ministers, and more.
our mission? to share the love and message of Jesus Christ thru music and word!
our website is:
we operate totally on a donation basis, i.e. no commercials!
we blend classic christian rock with today's hits.
Truth Be Told excited to be featured on check it out at: 

TBT live NYE 2014, Survivor parody, Rely on You

TBT live NYE 2014

TBT live NYE 2014, Aldo Nova parody

TBT is taking reservations for 2015!
Dates are filling up fast, so call
Thomas at (503) 866-6264 or visit our

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Think of the bands and the songs you listened to over the years,
Bands like: The Doors, Deep Purple, BTO, Bad Company, Kiss just to name a few.

grew up on these and now as followers of Jesus we've asked ourselves

Why should the devil have all the good music?

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